Management – production

If you want to be represented by us on every levels (management, tour, music production etc), then it’s a “different” way of applying.

You must :

-Be an adult (18 years old for us in Europe).

-Speak english fluently or/and french (japanese is also possible).

-Be strongly motivated and persuasive.

-Have a “concrete” project with at least some demos and pictures.

-Match the styles we wrote in the booking section above.

We’re not managing someone starting from zero.

You must come up with something, our job is to make it more interesting by collaborating together and with our partners.

Please send to Gloria (CEO) :

-Your project info including all your social medias links (Facebook, Twitter etc) if you have.

-One or few pictures or your band/project (logo is ok).

-Music samples link(s) (IMPORTANT !!!).

-Your video link(s) from Youtube/Vimeo (lyrics/live videos are also very fine). (optional)

We’ll reply if we’re interested, thanks for your understanding.